World War II Night Before Christmas Book Review

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Yep. I'm doing it. I'm a Minnesotan in the throws of a winter that feels like it will never end (but it's only the first week of March), and I'm doing a book review on a Christmas Book! It will either jinx us for another month of winter or break the curse and help spring arrive. Hopefully it's the latter, and you can thank me later.

World War II Night Before Christmas was written by Mike Guardia, who is another author friend of mine. He's an Award-winning author, military historian, US Army veteran, and a super nice guy. I've been meeting quite a few authors since I wrote The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce. Mike has quite a few books available, but only a couple children's books. They are all military related.

I purchased this book not just because Mike is my friend, but also because my kids' grandpa is a Vietnam veteran. I purchased it after Christmas, so I look forward to having him read this story to them next year.

The illustrations are what I would consider a "classic style" and are quite realistic. They tried to capture what might be a realistic, kid-friendly version of being on the front line of a war during Christmas.

The story is written with the Night Before Christmas story as a guide.

If you or someone in your family is or has been a part of the military and have kids/grandkids, or if you have children that are interested in the military, I highly recommend this book!

Were you in the military during the Christmas time? Do you have any uplifting stories that you could share? Have you received any gifts or surprise visitors while you were deployed? Share your stories below. Also if you have recommendations on books to review, leave a comment below.

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