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"What Do You Do With a Chance?" is written by Kobi Yamada and it goes along with two other similar books entitled What Do You Do With a Problem and What Do You Do With an Idea.  You can also get all three books as a set Here and save a couple bucks by getting them all at once.

"What Do You Do With a Chance?" Book Review:

A friend lent this book to me because they knew this is exactly the type of book that I seek out. I want my kids to read things that are uplifting with positive, real-life messages that are applicable to their lives and to the lives of many others in the world.

That's exactly what this book is. No matter what age a person is or where they are in their lives, this book applies to us all. At the beginning of the story, the child sees a "Chance" flying by. The child tries to grab it, but falls flat on their face.

Yep..... Been there done that.

The child gets embarrassed about failing to successfully grab the chance and is worried that others may have seen them failing.

Again..... Been there done that. 

To avoid future embarrassment, the child decides that they aren't going to try to grab at chances anymore. As time goes by, less and less chances come floating by, and one day no more chances appear.

This is the point of the story that I hope my kids listen to and try to model their thought process after. The child in the story could give up and accept their fate that no more chances are ever going to come by. I know that many people do exactly this. However, the child decides that instead of waiting for a chance to come by again, they will go to find a chance themselves.

What he finds is for you to find out by reading the book yourself.

Trust me, it's worth it.

About Me:

I'm the author of the book called The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce, and I have a passion for books with good messages that help kids to be a better version of themselves. Better kids = better future for everyone. If I can affect even one child and nudge them one notch closer to being a better them, then I have achieved my goal! I do Author Visits and work to share with kids that we are all unique and special.

My question to you:

Have you ever tried to grab hold of a chance, and fallen flat on your face? What did you do then? Is there a chance floating out there somewhere waiting for you to find it? What's holding you back? I'd love to hear about it on the comments below!

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