The Little Red Fort Book Review

Hey all. It's been a couple days since my last review. It was a busy weekend with friends and family, but time to get back at it. Ever since my kids were little, I've read and talked about the book, The Little Red Hen. It's a classic book about being helpful and about not expecting to get good things if you don't put effort in. In The Little Red Hen, it was about planting wheat and taking it through the process until it becomes bread. That bread is enjoyed only by the little red hen because she's the only one that put any work in throughout the whole process.

The Little Red Fort is a new favorite of mine and it is written by Brenda Maier, you can learn more about her HERE. It follows the same story line as The Little Red Hen, except in the form of a fort. The little girl in this story wants to build a fort, but all throughout the construction, she cannot get her siblings to help. Once they see the fort, however, they REALLY want to play in it.

The thing that I like about this book over the classic hen version is that the siblings come up with great ideas to add to the completed fort. This effort, even though it's after the fort is finished, is enough that the little girl allows them to play in the fort. I like this version because for one, I feel like people should be given second chances. I also think that people get so engrossed in what they themselves are doing, they don't see that someone else is doing something amazing. Once it's finished, if they put in the effort to make it even better, that should count for something.

In the Little Red Hen, maybe the cat should have brought some peanut butter, the dog brought some jelly, and the duck could have brought four glasses of milk. Maybe the hen would have changed her mind?

Are there any classic stories that have been written using another story that you really enjoy? Leave them in the comments below. I'd love to read them! As always, if you have another book recommendation for review, leave them, as well.

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