Ella and Penguin A Perfect Match Book Review

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I was lucky enough to meet children's author Megan Maynor at a book festival in Red Wing, MN. I was a brand new author of The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce, and I walked around the festival in hopes of gleaning some wisdom off of one of the authors there. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Megan. She was very willing to talk through some strategies and she gave me several pointers to help me on my way.

Ella and Penguin A Perfect Match has a wonderful message for kids or people of any age. It's about two friends that are trying very hard to be a perfect match, "because that's what friends do." One of the characters is having an especially hard time because he doesn't like doing the things that they are doing.

In the end, the friends learn that you don't really need to match all the time to be friends. An important message that even adults forget sometimes.

The illustrations are light, fun, and so filled with details that it makes you feel like you are standing right next to the two characters watching them in their interactions. Definitely worth checking out!

Do you have a friend that you are more different from than alike? What's the best thing about being different from them? Leave a comment or story about your friendship. If you have recommendations on books to review, leave that in the comments, as well.

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